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Thread: Saving Painting

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    Saving Painting

    I have a problem. I make my painting with many layers of course, I export it as a .psd to preserve my layers for Photoshop, and then as a .png as well. Once I have done that, the painting still remains. I don't want to save it as a .ptg, but to get it off the workspace I have to go and literally clear each layer ... is there an easier way. I sure cannot seem to figure this one out.

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    Why don't you want to save it in the native format you're painting it in?
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    Hello victorianartist,
    Well, if you really don’t want to keep the .ptg file, just quit ArtRage when your done working in it. When asked by the popup window, choose ‘Do Not Save’. And it will all just disappear.

    Now everyone has their own workflow that works for them, so pleas forgive me this next bit;
    but the number of times I've had emails from a client asking to change some aspect of a project or can we go back to version "X" of it but with some of version "Y" in it etc... Not to mention possible crashes, corrupted files etc... And you don't want to keep your original source files? Your braver than me!
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    Nothing more painful then finding you lost a painting you have been working on for what seems like forever. Especially when, at some point, you discover you really, really wanted that file.

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