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Thread: Looking for help from a cartoonist (artist)

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    Looking for help from a cartoonist (artist)

    I'm looking (well more hoping) to work alongside a cartoonist/artist, who would be open to helping turn my sites mascot into a small comic strip. As a rough idea, think of 'Andy Capp' meets 'Angry Birds'.

    Myself and a friend would write down the story, then we would give hints/outlines for the artist. In return for the artist, I'm sure there's some way I could give back? Advertisement, plugs etc

    The strips design will be down to the artist, it can remain black and white or feature hints of colour/full colour.
    There will never be any more than 6 boxes.
    Stories will either be short or continue to next addition (which I hope to release fortnightly).

    Would anyone be up for helping? This would be hugely popular and fun IMO.

    Please don't be put off by someone asking for help.

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