By default, ArtRage seems to start with a canvas the size of my screen. I would like to change this to a different size without having to select a custom preset each time. Is it possible, or can it be made possible, to change the default paper/canvas settings ArtRage uses, including canvas size? (I don't know if the size information is contained within the .cpr files, but I would like to be able to do this from within the application, rather than by backing up and renaming a default file in the Resources folder. I really hate to use an Office app as an example, but I've been up for a few days and it's the first that comes to mind. In MS Word when I edit my font settings for a document, I can just click a button and tell it to make that the default for all new documents. That would be ideal, just a small tickbox or something somewhere, if it's not terribly inconvenient.)

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