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Thread: How to start? AR2 or traditional?

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    How to start? AR2 or traditional?

    Hi, all,

    I have just discovered the Art Rage program and website and would like to ask an embarassing question...

    I discovered my art talent - for drawing, at least - when I was already in my 20's and don't have the ability to study art in college due to time/money. When I tried to get into traditional painting on my own, the results were so bad and the experience so disheartening that I kind of gave up on color-oriented work.

    Now, however, with ArtRage, I am wondering if I should use it as a tool to develop my color/paint skills, but I am wondering if I shouldn't due to not having any sort of traditional skills first. Is this recommended? To use AR2 as an introduction or educational tool to start - and even continue or "end" with? I honestly don't care if I ever touch a "real" brush and paint again, and with some of the internet's print-on-demand services, I could always get the final work printed professionally...

    If anyone would offer guidance here, I would appreciate it.

    Thank you, all, and have a very good day!

    - A

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    Hi Angelic - My credentials in the art world are about the same as yours. Almost everything that I know is self taught. I will give you my 2 cents worth if you like.
    It really doesn't matter if you learn to draw/paint with burnt sticks, crayons or expensive oil colors. The main thing is to jump in and practice, practice and then practice some more. Art Rage makes a lot of sense for learning to paint because yourr material cost is zero, or close to it if you buy the full version! There is no smelly thinner or dusty chalk or drippy paint to deal with. You can set any kind of painting surface you like and mis-steps are gone with the <ctrl + Z key> or the handy eraser. You can also set up a tracing image and trace it onto your canvas and use the colors from the reference photo.
    I like to watch art videos or read books that have some instruction and practice their work exercises. You might want to check out for art instruction videos (Bob Ross is a good start) and try out what they do. The more you use Art Rage the better you will get. Honest! Don't be afraid to post your work in the forums. The people here are very kind and really enjoy watching new users come along and develop their art skills. You can always try 'traditional' art materials later if you want to, but it really isn't necessary to make stunning work.
    So get busy painting, and let us see your stuff - no one will laugh, really!
    Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day - Teach a man to fish and he will sit in a boat and drink beer all day! Joe V.

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    This almost sounds like a question that would be planted by the ArtRage team to revisit its many wonderful uses. Heheh.

    But assuming this is what it appears (have to watch them ArtRage guys). . .

    Stigmas and judgments can be nasty things. Whatever voices have been beating you up all this time, tell those voices they can leave and get a cafe mocha for the moment. Cause they'll object strongly to this

    The point is to have fun. There's no other reason other than joy to use it, unless you've got a job or project where you need it as a tool (it can still be fun even then).

    This program pays no attention to diplomas or credentials when you load it or anytime after that either.

    Virtual paintings and drawings cost nothing after the 20 bucks to buy it, or nothing at all to try the limited version. So the money you save can go for your classes in Mandarin or something else practical.

    And your skills advance quick.

    Plus, there's lots of built in features that shortcut the visual learning curve in making it look like a particular image like a tracing sort of feature only better cause you can pull paint from the picture you're tracing over. It has a really easy color picking system, and still lots of room for creative playing about and dabbling.

    Let us not forget the feature stolen from heaven itself - 'Undo' and it's cute little sister 'Save As'.

    But the point is to find way to enjoy art play. Sooner or later you're going to break through if there is still doubt about meeting some imagined quality criteria and probably get really good.

    You would be most welcome. Supportive group.

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