I'm using Wacom Cintiq Companion (1st version) and Windows 8.1. I love, love, love Artrage for oil painting, but when it comes to blending, it becomes very frustrating. Some colors when blended together, produce undesired results. For example I'll try to blend blue and grayish blue, and Artrage starts to create cayan, spreading it to other parts of the image where I'm blending. I understand that if I blend yellow and blue together I get green in real life. That's understood. However I'd love to have a blender that does not create new colors when blending two together, while still maintaining that brush-stroke look. I have tried selecting and deselecting "real color blending", but that didn't make a difference. If I blend light brown and dark brown together, the colors start to turn very reddish, nothing like I intended.

In the next version of ArtRage (and I hope that's soon!), I'd love to have oil brush blenders that just blend two colors together without creating new colors, if that makes sense. Anyone else have a problem with this? Corel Painter does a good job blending like this, but it's missing those great ArtRage brush strokes and textures. If I could combine ArtRage oils and Corel Painter blending into one, it would make the perfect pair.

When is ArtRage 5 coming? I can't wait to see what improvements it brings. Love 4, but this blending thing (and maybe better watercolors) would be just awesome.