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Thread: Problem Printing a Painting

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    Problem Printing a Painting


    I'm trying to print a painting using an Epson L1800 and I could not get my image to fit into either an A4 or A3 size sheet in the print preview window.
    I've just purchased ArtRage 4 recently and I'm still trying to figure it out. Might I have missed some setting?

    Thank you in advance.


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    When you go to print a painting the printer needs to know how many of its pixels to fit in to each inch of paper. This 'DPI' setting can be adjusted in ArtRage either when you create the painting (this is, by far, the best time to do it) by selecting the Print Size option in the new dialog and selecting the target size of the image in real world units and setting the DPI value required for your print, or you can do it later using the Resize option in the Edit menu.

    Note that when you change the DPI value in the 'Screen Size' tab of the Resize panel all this will do is tell the printer to adjust how many pixels it fits to an inch - So if your painting is 1200 x 900 in size and you tell it to be '300 dpi' in the Resize Panel's Screen tab the painting will be 4 inches by 3 inches in size (1200 pixels, 300 of them per inch). If you adjust the DPI value of a painting in the Print tab of the Resize panel the painting will be resized to fit the dimensions and DPI you select. Resizing a painting can cause a reduction in quality so it's better to set it up at the right size before you start work.

    The section on File Size and Printing in the ArtRage Manual on page 22 covers this.

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    Try Epson L1800 User's Guide

    Try Fit to Paper Print option
    It will automatically fix your image to paper size.
    1. Go to settings
    2. In more options select fit to page.
    3.Check other settings and click print.
    you can download Epson L1800 Manual for full details.

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