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Thread: Brush features for painting foliage

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    Brush features for painting foliage


    I was originally intending to post this in the General Artrage section but it seems there is already a workaround for this with the sticker tool.
    So as you know there are many techniques for creating different kinds of effects with oils and acrylics or even watercolours. In this case I would like to create tree leaves how it's demonstrated in this video:

    In YouTube search for "How to Paint Leaves on Trees with oils and acrylic"

    See how he is just dabbing on the canvas to achieve lots of small leaves and with the current brush features we can't do that and are left to paint each leave individually.
    Besides that it's also very interesting to be able to apply multiple colours at once to the brush to instantly have fully shaded foliage with just a single dab.

    Can we hope for this kind of advanced features sometime in the near future?

    This would make this great painting App even better.


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    Precisely, and we look forward to this important feature in next updates. Multiple colors on the brush would be awesome!
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