Hi... I have artrage4 and my 'settings' only shows the words 'preset, normal, type' with three small pictures of shapes with half circles attached to them ( what are these?). And that is all it shows and nothing changes when I click on them. So in essence my 'Settings' is useless.
I have been 'searching' all over the forum and in the search mode for how to white-out a background and leave the focal picture in place. I came across a response to another post inquiring about where the 'Magic Wand' was which I needed to know
In response an image was shown of artrage 4 'settings' that was much more detailed then what pops up on my 'settings' and included the 'Magic wand' and ' lasso's' etc...
My 'Settings' does not show any of these and I believe the magic wand is what I need to remove the background of my photo's.
Please help!!! Thank You! Regina