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Thread: Need Help with 'SETTINGS''

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    Need Help with 'SETTINGS''

    Hi... I have artrage4 and my 'settings' only shows the words 'preset, normal, type' with three small pictures of shapes with half circles attached to them ( what are these?). And that is all it shows and nothing changes when I click on them. So in essence my 'Settings' is useless.
    I have been 'searching' all over the forum and in the search mode for how to white-out a background and leave the focal picture in place. I came across a response to another post inquiring about where the 'Magic Wand' was which I needed to know
    In response an image was shown of artrage 4 'settings' that was much more detailed then what pops up on my 'settings' and included the 'Magic wand' and ' lasso's' etc...
    My 'Settings' does not show any of these and I believe the magic wand is what I need to remove the background of my photo's.
    Please help!!! Thank You! Regina

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    Hello Regina,
    It sounds to me like you may have the wrong tool selected which is why the panels arenít showing what you were expecting.

    If this screenshot is what you are seeing then you have the Transform tool selected by mistake I fear!
    In the Tools panel you need to click on the Selection Tool icon, the small dotted square next to the Transform Tool icon.
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    what is your system? desktop or mac? ipad or other device? operating system 64 or 32 bit? and what tool you have selected? (the half circle in the left corner) because they all have a different the "paint tube" ? only has 1 setting "pressure"
    there is on the forum a treat with Q & A ,read a little treu that and also in the folder of AR 4 there is a manual included......always good to have a look in there
    I hope i did help you a little?

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    Thanks for the help!

    Yay! I understand settings! Thanks for the prompt help! Regina

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