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Thread: How to add link to my new journal on profile?

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    How to add link to my new journal on profile?

    Hello all.
    I have seen that some people have a quote and or website link at the bottom of they’re posts.
    I just started a journal on Deviant Art and would like to add this to my profile.
    How do I add this?
    I don’t see any obvious way when looking at my profile.

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    Go to the; 'Forum Actions' tab found near the top of any forum page when you are logged in, then select; Edit Profile.
    In the ‘My Settings’ box on the left of the page, go to; Edit Signature.
    Write whatever you want in the text area, just like making any other post.
    To insert a link to your DA page without having a, possibly long URL line, do the following.
    Type something for example like; See My Stuff !
    Now drag over that bit of text to highlight it, and while it’s highlighted click on the small blue/green “world” icon found among those text tools above where you are writing.
    In the small window that opens type or paste your DA page address and click OK.
    Your bit of text See My Stuff ! should now turn blue. And if anyone clicks on it now it will take them to your page.
    Just like making a regular post you can Preview your signature and tweak it until you are happy with it. Then click Save Signature.
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    Many thanks again mark.
    And so my journey begins..
    My journal:

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