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I am fairly new to Atrage having come from a background of traditional art, watercolours and watercolour pencils etc.and have been scouring the internet and this site's tutorial page for tutorials and courses. I have found lots on how to use the individual features in ArtRage and they have been fantastic and I know I have to play around and try things...but then I found 2 video tutorials I absolutely loved. Victor Osaka's, on how to draw hair and Someonesanes "into the stars" and I absolutely loved the way they took you step by step through the stages and came out (in the case of someone sane) with a finished project. I have watched several speed paintings in awe, but didn't really understand why things were being done and looked at lots of pdf tutorials, but the video tutorials were brilliant because I could not only see what was being done in real time, but also understood why and could follow along and come out with a pretty good result. I have then been able to apply those principals to other projects.

I would love it if someone could do a video course starting with simple projects and getting more adventurous as the course progressed. I would definitely pay for something like that! I tried to pm Someonesane but as a newbie don't have acess to do that yet.

If anyone knows of such a course would love to hear about it. Thanks
Hi pattyedge,

I'm by no means grounded in any artistic background, in fact, I'm a complete beginner, but like you, I love Artrage.

I had the same issue, and to some extent, still do, but I think it's more about my lack of skills than anything else, but I found this in my searches which helped me to vastly improve my results. You may be looking for more Artrage specific techniques, as am I, but I hope this set of 4 videos gives you some help.