Hello ArtRage community!
I just found my old ArtRage 2.5 Wacom Edition copy and I just updated it to the 2.6 version to use it on my Surface 3 with Windows 10. Pressure sensitivity works fine with the N-trig pens but I have a couple of problems:

Disabling DPI scaling, the interface is too big, I have to keep it disabled since it's all blurry if I don't. Is there any way to scale up the interface?
The pressure sensitivity is fine but there's the usual crappy windows 7-8-10 delay, I already disabled flicks and all the other crap but I still get the starting delay. Any help?
Even if the 2.6 update states that it supports Windows's ink stuff and multitouch, my fingers even though they don't draw, they don't even rotate or zoom or pan the canvas at all. Do I have to enable something to make it work?