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Thread: Just re-registered my ArtRage 2.6 on my Surface 3 and I have some issues with it

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    Question Just re-registered my ArtRage 2.6 on my Surface 3 and I have some issues with it

    Hello ArtRage community!
    I just found my old ArtRage 2.5 Wacom Edition copy and I just updated it to the 2.6 version to use it on my Surface 3 with Windows 10. Pressure sensitivity works fine with the N-trig pens but I have a couple of problems:

    Disabling DPI scaling, the interface is too big, I have to keep it disabled since it's all blurry if I don't. Is there any way to scale up the interface?
    The pressure sensitivity is fine but there's the usual crappy windows 7-8-10 delay, I already disabled flicks and all the other crap but I still get the starting delay. Any help?
    Even if the 2.6 update states that it supports Windows's ink stuff and multitouch, my fingers even though they don't draw, they don't even rotate or zoom or pan the canvas at all. Do I have to enable something to make it work?

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    Hi there! Sorry for the slow response, I bookmarked this on the first pass and forgot to come back to it.

    The short answer to all your problems is that you're using outdated software. ArtRage 2 is very old by now! Try downloading the ArtRage 4 demo and see if it performs any better for you: (if you decide to upgrade, you can get a discount if you register your ArtRage 2 serial in the member area. If you don't want to upgrade, download it anyway for testing purposes).

    - DPI/scaling: We have to use the built in display options, which isn't ideal for some resolutions. ArtRage 4 lets you resize the panels under Edit > ArtRage Preferences

    - you shouldn't be seeing lag. Check the demo, and if it's still there, we can do some troubleshooting to check your drivers and device are working properly

    - Multitouch: ArtRage 2 supported the *old* multitouch standards, but these have changed a lot over the last few years, so it's probably just no longer compatible.

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