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Thread: Problem with the KPT Collection added as a filter on Windows 7 using Art Rage 4

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    Problem with the KPT Collection added as a filter on Windows 7 using Art Rage 4

    This Xmas I got a gift of a Dell refurbished older computer with Windows 7 professional. Up until this point I have used an older computer with Windows XP professional for Art Rage 4 a 32 bit version. I installed Art Rage 4 and the later update (the update was not available for Windows XP) the 64 and 32 bit versions appeared after installation. When using the older Windows XP operating system I was able to install through the preference option on Art Rage 4 the KPT Collection plug- in and it works very well. For some odd reason on Windows 7 Professional version, with Art Rage 4.5 (the additional upgrade) the KPT collection does not work at all with the 64 bit version, considering how old this plug-in is, that was anticipated. With the 32 bit version on Windows 7 Pro with Art Rage 4 and the upgrade the strangest thing occurs with the KPT Collection filter added. When you attempt to run the KPT Collection you get only one effect that transforms your image, the standard default setting instead of opening up the plug-in interface where you have all the adjustments and settings for variable transformation of your image. How come only the one default setting works instead of the entire plug in application? What I mean by default setting is when running the KPT application plug-in the normal start up is to open up the interface of the application with all of it's settings to work with all the various options of different effects to apply to your image layer. When the application opens up if you were to apply exactly that setting without making any adjustments I would call that the default setting. With this Art Rage 4.5 version using the 32 bit version with Windows 7 that is the only effect you can get when selecting any of the various plug-in KPT special effects. The interface of the plug-in does not open at all it simply applies the default effects to the image layer you are working on in Art Rage 4.5 32 bit version. When opening the drop down menu of effects in Art Rage and then filters, all the KPT collection filters appear there yet clicking on any of the options will not open the KPT program and simply applies the default setting, a good example would be the Fiber Optics filter effect where this is especially apparent since some of the filters default setting produce no change in your image until you actually adjust the multitude of settings to use that effect.
    Everything works fine with the 32 bit version on a Windows XP machine, although Art Rage 4 is limited there with other problems (such as the normal procedure for installation of the program) and no update available. I needed some help here to install on Windows XP and some useful information was obtained here to successfully get the program installed. I am hoping and writing about this problem thinking perhaps someone knows of a certain overlooked adjustment or work around that will correct this problem, if not I guess using the KPT collection will have to stay limited to Art Rage 4 on a Windows XP operating system.
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