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Thread: Navigation on Canvas (iMac) unsatisfactory

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    Exclamation Navigation on Canvas (iMac) unsatisfactory

    I had wanted to use ArtRage for some comps that a client wanted to see, but after trying to use the clumsy navigation (click here, drag there) I gave up the attempt and finished it off in Photoshop. Also the zoom feature always enlarges to mid-canvas, which means I need to use the navigation of click here, drag there.

    Please improve these features. As a freelancer, speed is of the essence and being slowed down because I cannot navigate on the page isn't just frustrating, it makes me lose time, which is making me lose money.

    I work both on my iMac and on my iPad (for sketches) and would really like to employ the wonderful strokes that ArtRage offers.
    I do like the textures that I can get on ArtRage, but there are a lot of room for improvements.

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    We have a range of navigation options including various shortcut keys modelled after Photoshop. I'm not quite sure what you mean by 'click here, drag there', but these might help:

    To Pan the canvas: Right click and drag, or hold down Spacebar and click-drag (like Photoshop), or select the Transform tool and click-drag on the canvas where there isn't an object on the layer (this is similar to using the hand tool in Photoshop, not a common method to use as it requires changing tool modes).

    To Zoom the canvas: Hold down Cmd and Right-Click drag, or hold down Cmd + Spacebar and click drag (like Photoshop), or select the Transform tool and Cmd + Click-drag. Cmd + and Cmd - also zoom.

    To Rotate the Canvas: Hold down Option and Right-Click drag, or hold down Option + Spacebar and click drag (Photoshop doesn't do this one but we added it for consistency), or select the Transform tool and Option + Click-drag.

    Zoom zooms in to the center of the area of the canvas currently on the screen, so if you have zoomed in and moved the canvas around the central point will remain visible as you zoom.

    You can also do all of this using the Canvas Navigator puck as well which is accessible from the toolbar.

    One other option that's handy is the Default key ('D' normally) that resets your canvas to normal orientation, zoom, and position.

    Hope that helps.

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    Matt, zoom to cursor or zoom to selection would be good, though.


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    I actually agree that zoom to and from mouse cursor could be quite nice, even as an option in preferences (because I don't think everyone likes that functionality).

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