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    Unhappy Problem solved [ignore]

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    I'm using a Huion 610 tablet. Usually I can just click backwards on the button on my (pictured) tablet pen (the section of the button furthest from the tip) and it willow allow me to move the canvas/pan around the canvas. After updating to the newest version (4.5.9), however, it's a bit different. I am using the ink pen tool and it just draws a line when I press on the same button. When I press forward (the part of the button nearest to the tip) it creates an odd crosshair in a circle (pictured)? I don't know what the cross hair does and I have no idea how to pan around the canvas anymore, since it's different. A bit of help/an explanation, please? Apparently left-clicking my mouse or pressing the space bar while I draw works to pan, but this is tricky and time-consuming to do. Why was this change made, what can I do to fix it/make it easier, and is there an easier way to pan? Sorry, I'm just really confused and frustrated here. The update threw me off a bit.
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    I'm using a different Huion tablet - H160 - and the latest AR. I rarely use the buttons on my pen but I can hover with the top button and pan the canvas - the lower button is the eraser. Probably doesn't help you but thought I would reply.

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    I rebooted my computer to see if that would help. It allows me to pan around now, so I'm wondering if it may have been a glitch or a problem with my tablet/pen/computer? Seems to have suddenly fixed itself.

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