I am currently playing Art Academy(3ds) and I am searching for an app that will have a similar way of Painting than Art Academy. After searching, Artrage seems similar, but there are some features I am not sure about. Else I would like to ear if some of you had actually a chance to compare both tools.

Here is the tool screen in art academy for painting:

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Things I think ArtRage can do

Rag: Equivalent of the eraser, which I think is available in ArtRage.
Flat vs Pointy brush: Both tools seems available in art rage.
Brush Size: There is 3 brush size for each brush, again there is a size slider in ArtRage
Amount of Paint: You can set a certain amount of paint on the brush. I think the Equivalent in Art Rage is flow level.
Translucency: You can add water to the paint to make it translucent. I imagine that this can be set with the opacity of the brush.
Dry Painting: I don't think art rage can dry your painting, but it has a layer system and some tool options to make it dry instantly, so it seems like another way to get the same results.

Things I am not sure if ArtRage can do it

No paint on brush for blending: It's possible to put no paint on the brush and use it for only blending colors already on the canvas. Now I am not sure if putting flow to 0 actually does the same thing. Else there is no way to select "no color", so the only thing I can see is to have a blending tool. I know about layer blending, but I am talking about manual blending with the brush. Is it possible? The spatula seems to do the job, but it will flatten the strokes too.
Paint Tubes: In art academy you need to mix the paint yourself. I think ArtRage you only have an Hue-Saturation-Luminance selector. Which seems fine with me because it is easier to get the color you want (especially when partially color blind).
Grid: Art academy have the option to put a grid on your canvas to make painting of shapes easier. Not sure if art rage has that. Not sure if Artrage has the 3x3 grid.
Zoom: You can zoom x2 in art academy, again not sure about ArtRage.

Thank you for any information.