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Thread: Exporting to iTunes deletes ptg file

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    Exporting to iTunes deletes ptg file

    I have an iPad Pro and Mac Book Pro, both have been updated to the latest versions of Art Rage and OSX. I want to back up the ptg files to the computer.

    I open the painting and select the export button on the bottom, select ptg, select iTunes. This works and I can save the file to the computer.

    The problem is that doing this deletes the painting from Art Rage. In effect, this is doing the exact opposite of backing up and is very worrying.

    The problem is not immediately apparent, but if I then click "edit" on the painting nothing happens. If exporting a png, it doesn't work. If going back to the gallery, the painting still appears there, but if opening another painting and editing it, then going back to the gallery, the first exported painting is gone.

    How can I export the ptg file to iTunes without deleting the painting from the gallery?

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    Oh wow, that's definitely not supposed to happen. Good catch - we'll be looking into this very urgently!

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    Artrage and iTunes on iPad pro

    Yes, me too. I uploaded ptg file to iTunes and it was removed from my iPad pro, but
    Restored with the Save button from iTunes

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    Okay, this will be fixed in the next update (which will probably be a in a couple of weeks - a week to fix, a week to get it approved on iTunes). In the meantime, you can get your paintings back into the gallery easily by importing them back from iTunes (when you export to/import from iTunes, files are copied to a specific folder on the iPad, so ArtRage can just grab them back from there).

    To import your paintings again, just go to the gallery, click the '+' symbol in the top right and choose Import Image > Import from iTunes. You'll then get a list of all the paintings you just exported.

    *importing will delete them from the iTunes folder, so if you really are trying to backup files to your computer, do that first or you'll end up stuck in a vicious circle!

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    I am having a problem with the gallery, none of my files are showing except for the one I am currently editing. In itunes (apps, artrage sharing section) all files are there so they are not lost. I have done a copy and pasted them to the computer desktop as backup for now.

    This is a screen shot of the gallery there should be about 15 files.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Christine, did you see this announcement?

    Not the answer to why yours have disappeared now but good that you have made a backup for when the Gallery closes.

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