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Thread: Saving a selection preset

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    Saving a selection preset

    I hope I am just doing something wrong. I would expect that if I make a specific selection over a specific portion of my work and I knew I would need that selection again, I could save it as a preset to call up at a later time. But that is not what I get. I name the preset and it appears in the list of selection presets but clicking on it does not produce anything. Dragging the selection tool works the same as it does without a preset selected. How is this suppose to work? What am I missing? Thanks for any help.

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    The Presets can only save the properties that are in the Settings menu - e.g. Mode (circle, freehand), Feather, and some of the extra settings under the paint area and magic wand options.

    If you need to reuse a specific shape, your best options are:

    - fill that shape with colour, leave it on a spare layer, and select it again as needed to get that selection shape back
    - fill that shape with colour and turn it into a stencil (then delete the filled area)
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    Thanks Hannah. Your suggestions are what I ended up doing. Just wanted to be sure I wasn't missing some functionality within the selection tools.

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