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Thread: Art Rage, new version

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    Art Rage, new version

    Several years I go I purchased Art Rage 2. I just tried to open it up on my Mac, and it says "no longer supported." It won't let me get past this point. I have proof that I purchased it from the key code used to open up the previous version. Since I already paid for a previous version, can I get the latest version without repurchasing. Please advise on how I should proceed.

    Thank you very much!

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    Hello Greg and welcome to the ArtRage forums
    v2 you say, that is quite old now!
    So first the bad news;
    To upgrade from an old version of AR to the latest version has to be paid for
    Now that's out of the way, on to the good news;
    When upgrading, old version owners get a 50% discount
    All updates within a major version (currently v4.5) are free
    You can see more info about how to upgrade on Ambient Designís page here:

    And welcome back to ArtRage! A lot has changed since v2 but it's ease of use still remains the same
    Maker Of Replica Macoys

    Techie Stuff:
    ArtRage 5.0.8 ~ 15" Macbook Pro
    + 22" HD Monitor ~ macOS 10.13.6 ~ 4 Core i7 3.1GHz CPU ~ 16GB RAM ~ Wacom Intuos4 M and a Spyder4Pro (to keep the colours true!)

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    Thank you Mark for your response. I will definitely take advantage of the 50% off. I appreciate you taking the time to answer my question. Art Rage is an amazing product. I am sure the newest version has much more than the version I currently have (Art Rage 2).

    Thanks again!
    All the best,

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    Hoooowever, before you do that, ArtRage 2 shouldn't just 'stop being supported', so :

    - What version Mac OSX are you running?
    - Did you update ArtRage 2 to the latest version? (You might have updated it past the point of supporting your OS, or your OS past the point of supporting the older version of AR2 you were running).

    (Oh, I've just replied to your email. You can answer here or there, as you prefer).

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