First of all, thank you AR team for being so helpful on deviantart with my questions while I was tinkering with the demo version. I did get the full version and I'm cheerfully playing with all the features.

I was lurking in the art supplies forum (I will learn the names of the most active AR members) and I made sure to get the blenders an different pencil types. I am still searching for the charcoal/conteish one. They were all fantastic.

There are two that were really interesting (I'll have to look back to find the link). One was the one that was actual pencil using the pen tool and the other was the sticker.

For the pen tool, when I try to shade in a large area, there is a slight lag and the line/fill in part is not the same as when I first put it down. If I do a straight up and down line/mark, lift up, and do it again, it's about how it should be. With the sticker pencil, it doesn't have it. Am I doing something incorrectly? Is there something in settings I need to adjust or is that just how the pen tool works?

Also, I think due to being new, I am probably confusing myself but can you recommend a good sticker tutorial (as in the why/how it is used)?

If you have a favorite one for stencils or how to use rulers etc that'd be great as well.

Thank you in advance for any assistance!

I'm a huge fan of AR and am throwing the name out all over the place.