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    Question Trouble getting started

    I recently purchased a Wacom Intuos Draw, and I'm having some trouble using it. In particular, I find it difficult to draw properly. I'm used to looking at what I'm drawing with my hand, not looking at the screen as I draw with the tablet. I'm sure others have had this problem, too. Any advice for how to get into the swing of things? I have a Surface Pro 4 which runs ArtRage 4 just fine, no lag or delay at all, but the fewer levels of pressure sensitivity are what made me get the Wacom. And also my desktop can run one other art program the SP4 can't. But suppose I were to draw a box or cylinder. I can't get the sides to line up properly, I'm off by quite a bit. When I paint with watercolors I don't need to be as precise, but I can't draw at all with it. Is there something I can train myself to do or think to fix this issue? I'm sure it's a mind over matter concept that I need to train myself to get used to, but I'm getting nowhere on my own.

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    You are not alone - I think just about everyone had this problem when starting out with a tablet - I know I did.

    Practice writing your name. Instead of using your mouse, use your tablet and stylus on your computer - that way you will get used to looking at your monitor. instead of the tablet. Here are some exercises which will help with becoming comfortable with tablet and stylus. Don't worry, you will get there.

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    Yup! Practice away! Use the tablet as much as possible until your brain figures out what's going on. Did you ever do those drawing exercises where you're supposed to draw an object without looking down at the paper? You're basically doing that, with the advantage of the screen.

    It will become natural, you just have to relearn a bit of coordination and perspective.

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    I always encourage my students to play. When you are faced with the task of learning a new way to use your hands and eyes together, it's all about repetition. Playful squiggles, pointless polka-dots and sinuous spirals are just the ticket to get your limbs and senses playing together. If you lay aside the concerns of trying to draw a 'picture' and merely allow yourself to engage in a bit of free form frivolity, well, I say anything can happen. :-)

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    Yup. It becomes second nature after doing it a while. There are calligraphic things you can do with a tablet/stylus you cannot with a mouse.
    And especially don't ignore the Undo button because you can try out a line and undo it and redraw it etc until the cows come home. Each time you use it is like calibrating your hand eye coordination to where it finally clicks. It's not unlike a new pianist getting to where they can play not looking at their fingers on the keyboard.

    But yeah, play.
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