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Thread: bug: Oil brush strokes on a bottom layer shows through the top layer

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    bug: Oil brush strokes on a bottom layer shows through the top layer

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    To reproduce, create two layers. Paint something with no texture on the top layer, then paint the bottom layer with alot of texture. When the two layer intersects, the texture shows through the top layer.

    Artrage 4.5.9 Demo 64 bit on windows 8.1

    In this diagram, the top layer has very little texture. The bottom layer has heavy texture.

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    That's actually an intended feature of ArtRage. If one were to paint with true oil/acrylic paint, new paint would show some of the previous, dried, paints texture through it. As such, when we apply strokes to a layer above another, the previous layers thick paint will effect the appearance. However, unlike a traditional media, we can actually control whether that effect happens, by using the layers Bump Blend Modes. To use the options, right click on a layer that's above on heavily painted layer on the layer menu, select the Bump Blend Mode option, and then select the "Replace" option. Any marks applied, or already on, that layer will then supersede the marks below it.
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    Thanks! I needed that! Thank you to drawn for asking and SomeoneSane for answering.

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