Update 2.1.2 went live in the app store last week and can now be downloaded from iTunes.

Update 2.1.3 is on its way, and should include a fix for random crashes caused by the save prompt. If you're seeing crashes, please contact us as the more information we get, the better. If you're experiencing any other problem, please contact us in the forums, or send us an email through our support form. Or just email us directly at [email protected]

  • Eliminated some blobs that could occur at the start of strokes made using the Apple Pencil if ‘Tap and Hold Color Sampling’ was turned off.
  • Removed a gap between the starting input point and the start of the visible stroke when ‘Tap and Hold Color Sampling’ was turned on.
  • Fixed a problem that caused square canvases to appear at the wrong orientation in some iPad orientations.
  • Fixed a problem that allowed canvases of too large a size to be loaded on some devices.
  • Fixed a problem that prevented three finger and numeric entry tool resizing being recorded correctly in scripts.