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Thread: Art Rage With a Windows 10 Tablet

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    Art Rage With a Windows 10 Tablet

    I am thinking about buying a Windows 10 tablet and I want to know if I can use Art Rage on the device. If so, what does the tablet require in order to use it? Do I use an APP or software? What type of graphics pen do you recommend? Thank you.

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    ArtRage will definitely run on a Windows 10 tablet. You have a choice between:

    - the normal desktop software (ArtRage Lite or ArtRage 4 are the current editions). Full range of features, but not 100% designed for a touchscreen (this mostly means you'll miss out on the keyboard shortcut options, but how much of a drawback it is varies between users)

    - the Windows store app, ArtRage Touch. This is a much more limited mobile app that was designed specifically for the old Surface RT devices that couldn't install desktop software. You might find it's all you need, but it is definitely much more limited.

    You can compare features here: (ArtRage Touch is under the 'mobile' editions). Both have free demos available. If you already own ArtRage, you can just install it straight to your new tablet as well.

    A tablet running Windows 10 is basically just a computer with a different interface and (usually) lower specs to make it portable (e.g. you'll usually have less memory, RAM, CPU... ). You'll be able to run ArtRage fine, but might run into issues at larger canvas sizes/memory usage, depending on the model you get and how you like to use ArtRage.

    You can fingerpaint, but obviously a stylus would be better. Most Windows tablets should come with a stylus these days, but you can buy them separately. Pick the tablet, then look at the styluses that it supports (Windows styluses are completely different from iPad styluses).
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    Thank you so much Hannah for the information. It is very much appreciated!

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