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Thread: Panning with Transform Tool Active

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    Panning with Transform Tool Active

    I noticed today that with other tools active, pressing the space bar allows you to pan the canvas as is expected. But with the transform tool active, even though nothing has been selected to transform, pressing the space bar and trying to pan results in the active layer contents get transformed. Is this by design? Or am I doing something wrong.

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    Yes not sure about that either. It could be a bugÖ
    I confess though, as thatís not my normal method for panning Iíve never noticed it before!
    Iíve always favoured using a Right Click & hold with pen or mouse to pan. Or two fingers on the trackpad if I have no other input method to hand.
    Non of which triggers a transform if that tool was already selected.
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    I don't normally pan that way either I just stumbled across it. I should have said I am using AR 4.5.7 on a Mac running OS 10.9.5.

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    I'm not sure why we aren't allowed to pan with spacebar while the transformation rig is up, but another method of panning while using the selection/transform is the Canvas Positioner.
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