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Thread: Reference Image and Cursor Problems

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    Reference Image and Cursor Problems


    I recently bought a Wacom Draw tablet and it came with ArtRage Lite bundled with it. I have really enjoyed the product and the software so far, but I can't seem to solve this problem. When I pull up a reference image on my screen and take the color sample tool, the cursor disappears once it is over the reference image. I can still click and select the colors as the color wheel keeps changing as I click on the image, but I am doing it blind as there is no indicator as to where the cursor is. Once I move the cursor off the reference image, it comes back. When I switch to a brush or something else, I can see the cursor over the reference image. But as soon as I switch back to the color sample tool, the icon disappears.

    I have the most up to date version of ArtRage Lite (4.5.9) and am using Windows 10 64 bit.

    Any help would be great. I want to upgrade to ArtRage 4 but I want to make sure this won't be a problem moving forward.


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    This is a bug! Thank you for reporting it, we're looking into it now and it should be fixed in one of the next updates.

    It's a Lite-specific bug, so if you were planning on upgrading to ArtRage 4, that will fix it for you straight away. You can also try downloading the demo to check how it performs on your system:

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