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Thread: Blending Felt Pens : A blob appears

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    Blending Felt Pens : A blob appears

    This might be normal but then again...
    I'm using the Felt pen / Blending Markers on ArtRage 4.5.9 full version on Win7 with
    Pressure 50
    Softness 100
    Wetness 100
    and Art Pen selected.

    I draw a thick (100%) line of red ink and then overlay with yellow.
    The two colours blend as expected *except* the very first contact with the canvas where very much less blending occurs.
    The result is a finger-nail shaped blob of the second colour.
    The same is NOT seen when de-selecting Art Pen.

    I've never used an Art Pen in 'real-life'... so apologies if this is how they behave.
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    Yep, that's normal. You'll also find the size/shape/existence of it varies a lot with different settings, pressure and stroke direction. It's the start of the stroke where the pen nib has gone down, but you haven't really started blending yet - you can blend back over it to get rid of it.

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    Thought it might behave like a Promarker when fully saturated but not an issue that can't be avoided.
    Thanks for the quick reply.

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