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Thread: ArtRage for animation?

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    ArtRage for animation?

    Hi all..i am inspired by this animation while watching my kid browsing the net and would like to do the same using artrage

    Can anybody point me to the right tools/animation? if artrage has the tools or currently developing tools for this kind of graphics..this is amazing!

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    Use Layers

    Just use Layers.

    Draw the non moving background on the 1st layer. Draw your moving content on different layers.
    Save the 1st image as img_0001 (*)

    For the next image move the layer's content with the Transform Layer Content function.
    If you need to change the parts of the image, duplicate the its layer and draw the changes.
    Then turn off the original layer and save the new image as img_0002

    For this workflow you can use any software which supports layers.

    For more complicated anims it is better to draw big changes first and then draw the steps in between.

    (*) choose a format that you can import into a video cutting software to make a movie off
    the single images.

    P.S.: Anim software like TVPaint costs a fortune.

    When they switched from Amiga to PC they multiplied the price with 10 it seems.

    I don't know if Anime Studio would work for you.

    However, if you want to buy an expensive software - wait for Black Friday. ;-)
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