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Thread: Program not running at all?

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    Program not running at all?

    I've installed ArtRage 2, the free version, probably about three times at this point. The problem is the program won't run. No messages pop-up, it's just as if I never gave the command to run the program. I'm running Windows XP so I don't know what the problem can be. 512 mb of ram and 1ghz processor.

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    As a quick update, it works on my desktop but not my laptop that I intend to use it on. The desktop also has Windows XP, 512 mb of ram, and I think almost 3ghz. Not sure.

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    Hi poisonedsodapop,
    It would pay to send a note to so Dave can work with you on finding out what the issue is.

    Prime candidates are likely to be:
    Make sure your XP installation is up to date.
    Make sure you have latest drivers for tablet support
    Check you have latest sound drivers for your machine (ArtRage uses DirectX sound API)
    AndyRage's mantra for graphics engine code:
    "Sure - how hard can it be?"

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