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Thread: Creif Bridge over the River Earn

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    Creif Bridge over the River Earn

    Been working on this one for weeks, from a photo reference I took from the riverside. Hope you like it, tried to make it realistic as possible..
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    It does take time learning and trying things out. These are new materials and textures for you. So it would take some experimentation. Often when I would do something new, I would spend a lot of time trying it this way and that. But once I had a good idea how to approach something (when it finally clicked) it was infinitely easier thereafter.

    So you're developing your bag of tricks as it were. The photo is still visible in some significant places, but so what. You're probably using it as a base line you're probably trying to stick close to when you smear or paint or whatever the technique is you're using at the moment. So this one to me feels like you've learned a whole lot. It's super ambitious, especially trying to keep it photo realistic.

    I would perhaps recommend chunking down the puzzle -- meaning taking a section that is similar and distinct, and just work on that to see what happens when you do X, Y or Z. Example of a different area = running water. That's a tricky business under any circumstance (you've got patterns, shapes in perspective, local color of the water, reflections and highlights etc.) I've seen running water done a tons of different ways, each giving the painting a distinct vision.

    When the water's this big, it's THE element, that and the bridge. That's the story of this piece. The surrounding vegetation can be considered secondary in this case, like a frame for the main subject though it's not unimportant. But being secondary, you can take lots more license with it, although good craftsmanship is always a plus no matter how essential to the piece. But the main subject almost always needs to get the best handling. And the sky is there, as it always is in some form, but how you employ it is also important because it's like an adjective for your river that describes the tone, and it is partially in the mix establishing the lighting for what's happening in the water.

    Anyway, you're doing great, with your time by the riverside. A very pleasant view to be sure, with plenty of appreciation evident.

    Anyway, impressive and ambitious. You're doing great.
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    It really does look like a photo - some might not take that as a compliment but as that is what you are aiming for you should be very pleased with the result. I don't know what technique you used to get such great results with the water - it looks, well.......wet!

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