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Thread: Tracing in artrage pro

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    Cool Tracing in artrage pro

    I have loaded an image and am trying to use the clone feature to paint the image. I must be doing something wrong as no paint shows up.
    I tried this on my ipad in the past and it worked.
    Help : )

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    Tracing or cloning? There's an actual clone tool in ArtRage 4, but I assume you meant tracing!

    So you want to:

    1. Add the tracing image as an overlay to your canvas (which you've done?)
    2. Paint, and have it pick up details/colours from the tracing image (which isn't working).

    Can you check whether 'automatically choose colour from tracing image' is selected for the colour picker? (It will be blanked out instead of have colours). You can turn it on from the tracing image menu.

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