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Thread: Problem with disappearing/changing stickers

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    Problem with disappearing/changing stickers


    I have used the search option and tried to find a solution on my own, but I'm either not using the right terms to search or no one has had these problems so far. I hope someone here can help me solve this issue:

    I'm using ArtRage 4.5.9 - 64bit

    Recently, I keep having problems with stickers suddenly changing or disappearing.

    The issue with the changing stickers happens mostly while I'm working on a painting: For example, I'm using a sticker of tree A, then I create a new layer and put a sticker of tree B on it, and when I want to move or adjust the size of tree B it suddenly changes into tree A for no apparent reason. It also happens with stickers that have already been on an earlier layer and seemed to work fine, but then all of a sudden when I want to move them just a bit, they miraculously turn into another sticker.
    (It has also happened that backup files showed entirely different stickers than I had put in (in one instance I never used a conifer sticker (not even one I later erased, but none at all), but for some unfathomable reason the backup showed conifers in place of the leaf trees I used.)

    The problem with the disappearing stickers happens when I save the painting and reopen it again.
    To illustrate what I mean, here's a painting I did recently - exported to jpeg, which has the sticker in it - after that I closed the file (I had saved it before I exported to jpeg), then had an idea to add something, but when I reopened the file, the tree sticker had disappeared - see screenshot.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Snowman.jpg 
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ID:	88575Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Screenshot for ArtRage.jpg 
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ID:	88576

    This is just one example. It has since happend several times, and I really have no idea what the problem might be. I changed the settings to 2 backup files, but all backup files are corrupted. I save even more frequently than I used to, but both problems remain - the suddenly changing stickers as well as the disappearing stickers.
    Btw: the stickers are still visible in the thumbnails.
    Oh, and it doesn't only happen with tree stickers, but also with others.

    I hope someone here knows a solution for these problems.

    Merry Christmas!


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    It looks like you're using custom stickers - are all the ones you're having problems with stickers you created or downloaded? Or are you having trouble with the default ones as well? If they've somehow been creating with the same ID (which... shouldn't really be possible) ArtRage will get confused.

    Can you send the following to

    - A PTG file showing the problem
    - Some of the sticker sheets (.stk files) that you're having problems with
    - and let us know where you got them from

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    Thank you for the quick response!

    Hm ... I can't remember with which of the other stickers I also had the problem, so I can't say whether they were default or not, but I will try to run a few tests with default stickers to see if I can re-create the issues with those too.

    The thing is, I have never had these problems before, and I have used the tree stickers countless times. (I think I got them via a link from this forum.) However, the disappearing issue first started with the snowman painting, which I did on 13th of December. The changing issue I first noticed some time after that.

    I will try to run tests over the holidays and will then write to the support email.

    In the meantime - if anyone had the same problems and solved them, please let me know.


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