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Thread: How do you set up a palette?

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    How do you set up a palette?

    Hi all, I've just recently gotten my first Wacom and I'm drawing a bit in art rage. I had saved a bunch of colors in my sample panel when I was drawing yesterday. But now I'm drawing a different picture today and I want to save different color samples. How do I save all the colors I have from yesterday? I see theres a way to set up a collection, but do I have to name each color that I add to the collection???

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    Yes, there is a way to save different collections. Open the Samples Panel (View → Color Samples) and click on the panels menu tab (The small box with four vertical lines on it, located at the upper right corner of the panel; Point C in the attached screenshot), you'll find options to either "Export Samples" or to "Add To Collection" (Point A in the attached screenshot). Either of the options can be used to save your samples. Export Samples saves the samples as a loose file, wherever you'd like on your system. The Add To Collection option allows you store the samples in a special folder group ArtRage uses. The group is still located on your system, but it allows the samples to be viewed through ArtRage's Samples collection panel, so you can see samples visually, before deciding to load them into the Samples panel (so you don't need to overwrite what's there, before you're ready). Once saved, you can then access the color samples by again going to menu tab, selecting either the option for "Replace Samples" option or the "Add Samples" option (Point B in the attached screenshot). Using "Replace Samples" will remove any samples you currently have on the Samples panel and replaces them with whichever sample set you're loading in, while the Add Samples option will insert the loaded the samples into the samples already within the Sample panel. In both cases, you'll have the options to either "Load from Disk" or to "Select From Collection" (not shown is screenshot). That's where the option you chose to save them comes into play. If you saved your previous samples using the Export Samples option, you'll need to select Load from Disk and then locate the .col file you saved, to import it. If you saved your previous samples using the Add to Collections option, you'll need to use Select from Collection, where you can then locate the group and sample set from within the ArtRage collections panel.

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    Oh thank you so much. I did find those buttons "add to collection". I thought I was adding each specific sample to the collection. When I chose "add samples" and then "select from collection" I saw that it saved all my samples into the collection I made. Thank you very much

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