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Thread: Apple Pencil Issues

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    Any word on a fix for the paint brush issues

    Is there any hope of this pressure problem getting fixed soon on the Oil Paint brushes? It's hard to work with it the way it is with all strokes starting out so narrow and pressing so hard to get the full width. No way to start the stroke with a wide brush unless I paint with my finger.

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    We've got an update in testing now that should help with the delay the pencil has in sending pressure values to the app when you start painting. I hope to get it submitted for store review this week.

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    Any chance we can see an update to allow us to adjust the pressure curve directly? I'd love to set the pressure for a mark to start higher then the click feature so I could move the pointer around and even "ghost" a stroke before making it but see the pointer move with me (like hover with wacom tablet on the desktop).

    Also, tilt sensitivity curve control or multiplier might be really helpful with getting the Pencil Tool to be able to adjust it's size to an even broader range of shading.

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    Blob at line start and 3 more questions

    I am only just starting on ArtRage but had this problem on another app.
    I thought it was because I tapped down too sharply at start of line.
    My 3 new questions are:
    1. How do I get to use 'pressure pen' and 'opacity' pen on ArtRage canvas?
    2. Though I have the 12 inch iPad, I'm only getting a small size canvas.
    3. I want to draw cartoon strips, and hope to store my cartoon characters for repeat use etc. Can I?
    And does Art Rage have strip cartoon template squares / templates to use?
    From Appy (hope you can help)

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