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Thread: Another Few Suggestions Topic

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    I just downloaded Artrage for Android, I like it very much but there needs to be some improvements like rotating the canvas clockwise or counterclockwise would be real nice, when your tracing something that little tracing window that pops up it would be nice if it stayed up and then you can tap it to close it and then when I'm tracing something and I'm using the default tracing pencil when I draw a curved line shortly after that it kind of straightens out a little bit that needs to be fixed then when I choose not to use the default pencil and then it's fine. By the way what is the current version.

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    You do have the latest version available online. Canvas rotation is something we are working on for a future update.

    The pencil that is correcting after you draw a line can be adjusted. Tap the 'settings' icon in the top left and adjust the Smoothing down lower to a level you find comfortable (or turn it off entirely by setting it to 0%).

    For the pop up tracing window, do you mean the menu where you add and edit the tracing image? If you are on a larger tablet (instead of a small phone) then you can pin a menu open on the screen (look for the small circle in the top of the open menu). Small phone screens don't support this though.

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    What is the latest version, the version I have is I download the app from Google Play Store. If there is a newer version where can I download it at.

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    You have the latest version.

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