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Thread: where painting files are kept

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    Cool where painting files are kept

    Newie: I imported a picture from a file on my desktop and now when I go to File, Open it does not show the file where Artrage stores the painings by default. Cant seem to find it on the C drive under ambient design/artrage4/resources

    Help, Thanks in advance ; )

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    Figured it out

    Normally a program stores its files within its folder. I found my drawings under a file within Documents. Is there an issue If I change that and put it in the resources file?
    Thanks, Joseph

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    Hello ironman1952 and welcome to the ArtRage forums
    When saving an Art Rage .ptg file for the first time you will get a normal OS navigation window to choose where you wish to save that painting. It can be anywhere you want.
    Any further saves made to that painting will be made to it in the same location you originally stored it. And if you have the automatic backup versions feature turned on then they too will be stored in the same location as the painting file generating them.
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