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Thread: Wishlist feature - vanishing point grid

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    Wishlist feature - vanishing point grid

    Recently I wanted to draw in a perspectiv view and took the ruler to do it, but then I thought - wait,
    that takes time like hell to draw dozens of lines manually.

    I found out that there are really buyable papersheets available with perspective grids for real sketching.

    I thought it would be fine if ArtRage would have something like that too, but more advanced. Of course
    I could sketch a template sheet and use it all the time - indeed I think some ArtRage already provided
    such a template - but that almost would provide the same in every image.
    It would be better to have a configurator with the opportunity to set 1 to 3 vanishing point, set grid
    color and spacing and then grab a point and move it around with an interactiv adapting grid to see
    what it looks like and get always a nice different setting.

    Dimmable would be nice too. Maybe the the grid could be exported to a layer when ready with
    the settings and clicked OK.

    Here some link to some Perspective grid presets to show what I mean:

    The difference to what I mean is - I want the grid to fill the whole workspace.
    Unfortunatly I can not find a screenshot of the paper pad in the web.


    I found this at a competitors app:
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    Oh yes. That would be very helpfull. It should be possible to set the vanishing points outside of the actual paper.

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