ArtRage for iPad 2.1 is now available to download through iTunes. This is the big one for iPad Pro users but adds a bunch of fixes and a few new things for everyone else as well.

We've had problems with people just reporting bugs in reviews on iTunes (often along with a one star review, just to rub salt in the wound! We're already aghast that you found bugs at all!). We can't answer people there, and we can't get details of what's happening, or let you know if we've fixed the issue. If you're experiencing a problem, please contact us in the forums, or send us an email through our support form.

What's New in Version 2.1

Updated for iPad Pro with larger canvases and tools, added iOS9 Split screen support, and hooked up the Apple Pencil's Tilt and Pressure features to further enhance the realism of our virtual painting tools. 2.1 also includes a large number of performance and memory enhancements along with fixes and other new general features.

iPad Pro & Apple Pencil Support:

Added Pressure and Tilt support for Apple Pencil and enhanced various tools to simulate the angle of the virtual brush head.
Increased maximum canvas size on iPad Pro to 4096 x 4096 and added presets for 4k resolution.
Increased the maximum size of various tools on iPad Pro for the new canvas sizes.

iOS9 Split Screen:

Added support for Split Screen functionality to the app.

General Functionality:

Added Paint Loading to the Palette Knife tool in Flat and Edge modes.
Added the option to rotate the canvas, along with an optional toggle to limit rotation to 15 degree increments.
Added the option to have popup panels (Layers, Settings etc.) auto dismiss when you start painting.
Added non-uniform scaling to Layer Transform. Use the menu in the Transform view to turn on Stretch then scaling from the edges of the object will scale on that axis only. Scale from the corners when in this mode to scale uniformly.
Added the ability to 'Hide Upper Layers' in the Transform view.
Added a recovery button when the toolbar is hidden.
Added a visual selector for Wacom Stylus hand angles.
Improved stylus support across the board to remove erroneous gestures, add touch rejection, and support the latest iteration of SDKs including coalesced input point values.

Fixes & Enhancements:

Swept through the app hunting memory leaks and killed a number that may have caused crashes.
Fixed a number of problems that could cause Undo to stop working when partial strokes were processed.
Completely replaced the canvas and gesture handlers to improve reliability and increase functionality.
Made some adjustments to the trigger point of background save on leaving the app to help avoid situations where a user closing the app by double tapping home and swiping it up would prevent save.
Added an optional warning on restart to prompt if the app was closed before save completed.
Added a warning when memory is low.
Fixed a bug that caused changes in the color picker to reset Metallic back to 0%.
Fixed a rare bug that could cause the toolbar interface to load twice in some launch situations.
Fixed a bug that prevented Pastel presets from updating the Wax/Chalk value.
Ensured that the toolbar is always displayed when returning to the app from the background.