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Thread: Artrage Pro for iPad Pro and Apple Pencil

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    Artrage Pro for iPad Pro and Apple Pencil

    I’m new to the Artrage Forums so please forgive me if these issues have been discussed before.

    I have enjoyed Artrage for several years now on both OS X and Windows platforms. I have enjoyed the software even though I haven’t always enjoyed the hardware I used it on. I recently purchased an iPad Pro ( after a Modbook, a Cintiq external and Cintiq Companion ). Although the jury is still out on Apple Pencil, the iPad Pro is far more portable than my previous drawing solutions. I know you are currently working on an update for Artrage for iPad and iOS, but I’d like to request an Artrage Pro version for Professional Creatives and our usages.

    The current Artrage of iOS seems too stripped down for professional use. It could be I’m missing something because the interface is so much different than on a full OS machine, but for my work I need:

    Selecting and Resizing tool. If this is available in the current Artrage for iOS I can’t find it.
    2. Canvas Repositioner tool. I realize that some of these are now gesture based, but it’s not as intuitive as your OS versions of Artrage.
    3. Artrage Studio Pro interface - the professional workforce has been using it for years. The iPad Pro boasts desktop level performance and we’d like a piece of software that uses it.

    Please note: I’m not asking for this to happen with a $5 App. It’s unfair to you the developers. I appreciate that I’m asking for a powerful, professional piece of software - an Artrage Pro for iOS - but we as users should be prepared to pay for accordingly if so a solution becomes available.

    Thank you.

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    I would certainly like a more powerful Artrage Pro app as described above and would be very willing to pay a premium price for this. Having used the iPad Pro for a while now I feel sure that it can easily handle any extra work involved.

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    I have the same opinion.

    I have the same opinion.

    Mobile versions are mostly to crippled to be usefull.

    The Android version for example....
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    Copy that.
    After having used artrage quite intensively for the past few weeks I find myself longing for some of the desktop tools - most notably, a way to select parts of the layer and a copy / paste option.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lúthien View Post
    + 1

    Copy that.
    After having used artrage quite intensively for the past few weeks I find myself longing for some of the desktop tools - most notably, a way to select parts of the layer and a copy / paste option.
    The iPad app actually does allow copy/paste. You can't select part of a layer, but you can copy an entire layer and paste to a new layer. To access this, just open the layers menu and tap the cog/menu icon:

    - next to an existing layer to copy it
    - for the entire layer menu to paste a new layer into the list

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    hi Hannah,

    Yes, I was aware that it is possible to duplicate a layer. I use that as a workaround, for instance when I want to separate an element from a layer. It's a bit cumbersome though, because it requires you to first duplicate the layer and then erase everything but that element from the duplicate and the element from the original.

    I thought of another feature that I would love on a 'pro' version: tonight I set out to export the ~ 80 drawing that I've been making lately. As with the desktop app, I need them in .psd format, but found that I can't export them in that format.
    So I need to first move them to dropbox, then to my laptop, open them in the desktop and convert them individually. So an export as psd feature would be absolutely lovely

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    Artrage PRO

    Thank you for your latest update to Artrage for the iPad Pro.

    You have a great drawing product that I've appreciated for years. However, I would once again like to call for a more professional version of Artrage for tablet devices.

    The versions you have for desktop OS's is just fantastic but the iOS version just isn't there for what people in media use it for. And it's a pity too, because apparently the iPad Pro is plenty powerful enough to handle the software.

    In my bag I carry a Macbook Air, a Cintiq Companion and an iPad Pro - weighing in with drives and doodats a whopping 16 pounds. I know that doesn't sound like much, but in the daily grind it's a lot. Plus I work in Hollywood, so I carry this much to set quite often.

    If I got to drop the Cintiq, between the unit, the plug and pen and a drive I'd save over 6 pounds - nearly a third of what I lug around.

    That's compelling math for multimedia professionals.

    And like I said before, creating a software solution like this should come with compensation. I'm not expecting Artrage Professional to be a $5 software; I'd be willing to pay a proper price for a proper drawing tool.

    And my back would appreciate you.

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