So a little while ago I started looking at different body types for my girls. I really wanted to express their uniqueness and not in just variations of their eye color, skin color, hair color/style and/or boob size. I wanted to really dive into understanding anatomy and teach myself how to draw different body types beautiful and in my style.

What really started this endeavor was my notice that while each artist in the comic industry has their own unique style, they tend to draw their characters the same. I was wondering if anyone in the industry could provide insight as to why this is. I mean surely we can recognize that Wonder Woman shouldn't have the same physique as Super Girl or that Storm, being of African decent would probably have wider hips than say Psylocke who inhabits the body of a Japanese woman, yet for the most part a particular artist will draw the foundations of each woman's body the same, disregarding the effects of ethnicity.

Also, I noticed that faces are all drawn the same, in that almost every artist draws women with either a heart shaped face or an oval shaped face, which is particularly odd considering that some of the most attractive women in the world have square faces (Olivia Wilde), round faces (Michelle Williams) or oblong faces (Kate Beckinsale).

Another thing is boob size. Nearly all the top rated celebrities in terms of sexiness are a natural "B" cup, with a few "C" cups and the very rare "D" or larger falling to the naturally blessed Sophia Vergara, Kat Dennings, and Selma Hayek coming to mind. But these well endowed women are very curvy too, not the supermodel tall, thin pinups that we see Marvel and DC producing in their comics.

So I guess as I continue this study, I was wondering if anyone else has done something similar or found resources in tutorials from artists who have done similar studies.

I'll keep ya'll posted on my findings.