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Thread: HELP!! AR CRASHED using duplicate tool. OSX

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    HELP!! AR CRASHED using duplicate tool. OSX

    Hi.. I used the 'duplicate layer' tool and the program just suddenly crashed!! I got an 'ERROR' message that said 'A function call has been made to an object that is invalid'.
    I was not able to close AR or my computer. I had to do a hard shut-down. When I reopened my computer and then opened AR the 5 hours of work was gone and irretrievable!!

    I am new to Artrage running the latest version 4.5.
    My computer is a MacBook12 using Yosemite 10.10 version.

    This is very disappointing and so frustrating. All my art work gone!!!

    Any advice or tips or help on why this happened and how I can make sure it NEVER happens again!
    Many Thanks, Regina

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    Sorry to hear about the crash. That type of error usually indicates that ArtRage has asked your computer for memory to perform an operation and that memory isn't available. If a dialog like that aqppears, try pressing Escape or Enter to see if that closes it (the app hasn't 'crashed' at that point, it has just identified a problem). If it doesn't close it then your computer is incapable of responding and must be completely out of memory, or a memory problem has caused a hard machine lock. It's really, really rare for an app to freeze the entire operating system so I'm guessing there was so little memory available that the OS effectively froze, requiring the hard reset.

    You may need to do a hardware check to see if your RAM is okay, there are some notes on how to do this here:

    If that comes up clean, I would suggest saving every half hour or so, turn on the Backup system in Advanced under ArtRage preferences to ensure that each file save is to a clean file, and if it happens again let us know how big the image is and how many layers you had.
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