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    Been away from this place for a long time....

    ...anyway, finally some new work that I'm allowed to show :-)

    Artrage & SketchUp - thanks for looking.

    acdClick image for larger version. 

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    Sketchup -- Heard about it. Any good? Which part did you use it for? I go between ArtRage and Photoshop myself.

    So this pic is gnarly, dude. What's an invader from another planet got to do to get a decent cup of hot coffee in this sector? Very dynamic. Action is clear, backgrounds work great. I can even hear the lasers. Got a little bit of a 1950s vibe to my eye.

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  3. Thank you.

    SketchUp is the most accessible 3D software IMHO. Would recommend it to any artist who wants/needs to create 3D elements without getting bogged down in it!

    In this case SketchUp was used to create simple box shapes to act as perspective guides for the buildings. The telegraph pole is also a 3D element.

    Basic 3D figures were used for the soldiers, really just to get the compostion right - they were completely over-painted in Artrage.

    The alien is entirely painted - no 3D.


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    Welcome back to the astounding ACD!
    This alien seems not big enough, not a Godzilla for sure, so I cannot say who reduced the central building into ruins, but the scene ise very dynamic and dramatically composed and enlightened in a professional way. Not a surprise with You as the author!
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    Nice work and excellent integration of 2D and 3D, resulting in a very impressive work....

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