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Thread: Fullscreen and pen/eraser problems.

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    Fullscreen and pen/eraser problems.

    Hey, just bought ArtRage in the sale, love the way it makes using the computer to make art easy!

    I have ArtRage 4.5.9 64-bit, Mac OS 10.11.1, with a Cintiq 13HD driver version 6.3.15-2, on a Macbook Pro.

    Just two issues have cropped up:

    • When switching between the pen tip and the eraser using the Wacom pen, the changeover does not register unless I first bring the pen in close to the tablet and lift it off again. If I just turn the pen over and start to draw ArtRage registers the wrong tool - if I was drawing with the pencil and turn over to the eraser, I will continue drawing in pencil rather than erasing things. I have to turn the pen over, bring it close, then lift it off again for the tool change to register.

    • Fullscreen mode (using the normal Mac OS fullscreen button) is very problematic on the Cintiq display. There is no way to show the menu bar - bringing the mouse to the top of the screen does not display it. Having ArtRage fullscreened on the Cintiq and Safari fullscreened on the main display somehow causes the forward and back swipe gestures to stop working in Safari - the swipe animation gets stuck halfway. And ArtRage will sometimes get stuck in fullscreen mode - pressing the 'leave fullscreen' button will cause the window to resize but the desktop does not reappear - the ArtRage window is floating on a black screen with no menu bar and no other applications. Other apps fullscreen on the Cintiq without problem.

    Thanks for a great app!

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    The issue with the Wacom eraser tip is something we've known about for a while and communicated to Wacom. A change in OS X 10.10 caused the event that tells us which end of the stylus is being used to be delayed until after the stylus touches the tablet. We're looking in to this for an update and will keep talking to Wacom about it.

    Regarding the full screen issue: We don't do any gesture processing when we're not the topmost app so there should be no reason Safari would have an issue when ArtRage is open but not in control of the screen as it were. It sounds like the device may be having problems recognizing full screen mode, but I'll do some looking in to it here. If you make ArtRage full screen on your normal monitor does the menu bar appear? Could I also check that you've turned on the option to display menu bars on screens other than the main screen in the ArtRage preferences panel? This may be causing you not to be able to get a menu bar on the cintiq screen.

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    Question pen/eraser

    MacBook Air (11-inch, Mid 2013), Mac OS X 10.11.4, Intuos pro medium - driver 6.3.15-3, ArtRage 4.5.9

    Hi, I wonder how is it going with the pen/eraser thing.

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