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Thread: Blenders in ArtRage

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    Blenders in ArtRage

    Hi. I've been an AR user for years now and love it but the 1 thing that has most annoyed me(aside from the absence of charcoal) are the Blending options. So many of them involve frosting which baffles me. There are 6 blenders with Frost in the name which splay paint around instead of just blend, 1 called Harsh Chaos,self-explanatory, and then there are the 2 called Smart Blur and Knife Edge which don't really blend. The 2 I mostly use are Hard Out Smudge and Hard Wet Blender but I would really like it if maybe 1/2 the frosted blenders could be sacrificed for more subtle straight blenders,including maybe a stump,a sponge,whatever. The "Just Blend Color" blender doesn't seem to move any paint around. I'm including a test sheet I made of the different blenders. I'm just putting this out there with the hope that a future update could include changes here.
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    You're not limited to the existing presets. The Wet blender especially can create a very wide range of effects. But I do understand that you might prefer to have some ready made ones, rather than trying to figure out all the setting combinations!

    Try SomeoneSane's blenders from here:

    The 'just blend color' blender isn't meant to move the paint - it's there for blending colours without affecting the actual paint texture.

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