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Thread: New piece of fan art, This time Shadows have been improved...

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    New piece of fan art, This time Shadows have been improved...

    I love this show ! so do my kids. ��
    Ok, I know I got the skills of a preschooler. But I don't really care. Its fun to do fan art, and I decide to tinker in more detail of shadows, and make my lines more thinner, they are too thick in my book.
    Preschoolers think outside the box and do not stress over perfection. Fussing over every detail takes the fun out of fan art. I rather channel, my fusiness into the having fun, its more fun.
    Ok so I had some more advice, one was about shadows. So I decided, preschoolers like to tinker with art and try new things, so yup, gave it a Whirl.
    I was up all night, and it took way longer to do the shadow work, wanted to go to bed. So Tired, but I refused, not until I'm finished first.

    This was an all nighter piece of work, but totally worth it !

    Leo the Jurassic was my firs effort with shadows, it looks ok. but I wanted to try and do some thing different.
    After a 1/2 hour Bingo! I had an idea, and got right on it. At 4:00 in the morning finally finished.

    OMG, HOLLY CRANBERRIES ! and here is the end result.

    I'm improving and crawling up a ladder, and tinkering more into what photo shop CS6 can do. Woah, shadows take way longer than he colour style. I tell you that, but totally worth it.

    So, What do you think ? am I improving ? or should I JUST stick to cooking, cleaning, taking care of kids, running a household, and poetry since people say I very good at that.

    "Aww poor T Rex he just wanted hugs'' MIKEY
    "You mean he wanted us in his belly'' RAPH

    I love that quote from the show.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Ok I'm from the backwoods and I am not any good with layers but looking at this one I can see your skilled with all the tools and yes I also was up to 4'20 am

    and still had another go at it to day as you see things which annoy you ok Yes they intrigue Me I do Like Them CIAO IVAYA CON DIOS SLAINTE

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    Nice! Love the textures and the shadowed look. Keep it up!
    Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures.

    ~ Henry Ward Beecher

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    Interesting style - I like it. You can of course use your airbrush for shading - 'Select Layer Contents' to contain the shading.

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