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Thread: Script playback raising call to an object which is invalid.

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    May 2014
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    Script playback raising call to an object which is invalid.

    When playing back a script the following error arises when performing a transform :

    A function call has been made to an object which is invalid

    The video below contains the original real time recording where the transformations can be seen. The recording on the bottom right includes the non accelerated playback where the error can be seen.

    The script was played back on both a MacBook and a Windows machine and the same error was observed.

    using ArtRage 4.5.7
    Surface Pro 3

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    Nov 2013
    Can you send the script files for this and your other thread through to We can guess what's happening, but we really need to look at the actual script to be sure! (And the video will be helpful, thank you).

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