First, congrats on this fantastic app. I've bought both Sketchbook Pro and Corel Painter before I realized Galaxy Note 4 came with Artrage. As a long time user of digital drawing software on both PC & mobile devices, I'd like to the following feature in my Artrage wish list.

1. smaller icons, especially the Tools Pod and its tools. They are huuuuge!
2. A collection of custom tools.
Currently the tools pod displays all 15 tools without the ability to rearrange the tools. I use no more than 4 tools when I'm sketching. Instead of (1) open the tools pod, (2) select the tool, (3) then open the tool presets, (4) select the tip I used the most. That's four clicks to get to a custom brush. It would be great to be able to select the custom tools directly in the tools pod.
3. smaller icons in layer window/dialog

1. layer transparency lock
2. Stencils & Rulers

Keep up the good works, you guys have came a long way since Artrage v1.0 on PC.