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Thread: How about gradients on a stroke

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    How about gradients on a stroke

    I hope to see a way for my brush stroke to start as one colour and end with another colour and do so by percentage? So, sort of like having a gradient mapping/control over the colours as the stroke starts and finishes. Imagine I am drawing porcupine quills that start out light brown, becomes darker brown and ends with black.

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    I would love to see an option to use gradient fills as a gradient maps.

    Gradient mapping is one of the things I feel is really missing from ArtRage.

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    This would be a very good move I feel. It would also get people interested in creating new presets for gradients that do clever things like your porcupine quills. Grizzly fur, feathers, even leaves with lighter tips than stem ends. I would use it all the time. :-)
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    It could work three different ways, gradient per each sticker, gradient per each path stroke and gradient based on shape of a sticker, basically it fakes height information over the base sticker shape. Even blend modes for a gradient would look neat.

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