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Thread: Import .col file from desktop version?

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    Import .col file from desktop version?

    Maybe I'm missing it, but I can't seem to import my palette created in the desktop version. I do digital scrapbook design and am required to work to a specific RGB palette each month, and would love to be able to take my tablet out with me and draw while waiting for appointments.

    The inability to find this option makes the Android version currently unusable for all but line art unless I import the palette as a JPG and sample the colors from it, which invariably leaves my colors ever so slightly off.

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    It isn't possible to add custom resources to the mobile apps, however you should be able to sample accurately from a reference picture. If you're having trouble, it might be because:

    - the palette isn't very easy to select a specific colour from (e.g. lots of different shades in a small area). Try creating a reference palette with separate flat blobs of colour.

    - it is selecting accurately, but the Android screen display shows the colour slightly differently to your desktop. Try exporting an image to the desktop and taking a look there.

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